bounce back.

its been far to long but im back!!

up to this point, ive only told a selected few but elton anderson is indeed my favorite photographer. i admire him & his work. when elton & i met several years ago as colleagues in corporate america i had no idea he had such a passion for the arts until i saw him quit the 9-to-5 grind & trade it all in for a skateboard and camera!! …..the other day i was checking out his blog & this particular post really resonated with me…

elton’s post struck a cord with me because as of lately i had no real desire to pick up my camera. a huge desolate gap between me & the one material possession i at one point couldnt go anywhere without. i felt like everyone had become an aspiring photographer; completely oversaturating the artform. i felt like i had lost the inspiration behind why i fell in love with photography from the very beginning. waiting to receive accolades or recognition from peers &/or clients. i found myself comparing my work to other photographers & becoming frustrated because my work just wasnt “good enough”. “good enough” for what though?? what was i ultimately trying to achieve with my work?? …..i realize now photography is a creative release for me where no rules apply! so let me gone’on head & pick this camera back up & let my little light shine regardless of what others got going on! if yall like it, cool!! if not, cool!! either way, im elated!!

later alligators.  some of my work since the last time we rendezvoused can be found below….








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