stand for something!

the occupants of dc’s infamous “occupy dc” went for a walk today through northwest, across the key bridge & into arlington, va. where the peaceful protestors ended their march is unbeknownst to me but i was able to catch a glimpse of them in georgetown on m street. for weeks now, i have driven pass the “occupy dc” park & wondered what each of the occupants of the tents were protesting against. i want to go to each tent & ask “what brought you here? & what exactly are YOU fighting for?”. according to the media, there are an abundance of reasons why the tent city residents are protesting whether it be the woes of paying outstanding student loans, the greed of corporate america or the large gap in wealth created by wallstreet. no matter the color, age or sex, the common thread that runs through each of the protestors that i admire is their will & determination to stand for something. to believe so strongly in something that you pitch a tent & bare the cold weather all in an attempt to have your voice heard….

its easy to fall for anything, if you dont stand for something.

whether its religion, politics, war, finances or education, what reves you up? do you believe in something so much so it would provoke you to rebel?


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