..in the choice of nomenclature::

wow. its been far too long. i vow to never go this long again without an entry. you have my word folks. i blame it on these high aspirations im dealing with; i dont know if ive ever told yall but i aspire to take my photography to the pages of your favorite fashion magazine &/or on the side of a building in a billboard campaign &/or the front page of a national newspaper. but in an attempt to get to that point one day, as of lately, i have been dividing my attention on the creation of my website (still under construction), learning new technical techniques on “natalia the nikon”, reconstructing the blog & networking with as many Β creative & like minds as possible. needless to say, the blog was neglected. tsk tsk. but as a result, you get a photo over load of what i have been up to these past couple months. hope you enjoy!

morehouse. howard classic game. washington, dc.

check out my kidsister in the middle!!

spotted: ma dukes diva on the metro, on the way to the game!


fall vacation 2011. cabo san lucas. mexico.


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