abroad bella::..

life has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride lately. hence the reason why i havent posted new footage. ive been exposed to alot of unbelievable experiences over the past couple of months. one of them being my recent trip to northern italy! so since i couldnt fit each & every one of you in my suitcase, although i wouldve tried, because i am somewhat of an expert packer, i guess this post will have to suffice. im six weeks removed from this amazing trip & the escapade across the pond feels utterly surreal.



do you have a passport? the majority of us, including myself, have a tendancy to get intimated by traveling. the concern of how much does it cost, can i get the vacation time off of work, whats the best time of year to travel to that destination, who is going to be my travel companion, stops us from actually booking the trip. its those common fears that hender us from experiencing life beyond that city or town you now call home. its one thing to hear about these fabulous places but its another to be able to frolick through the streets & let the city have its way with you. milan, im yours!




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