on a magic carpet ride…

my first year of city living has offered up a laundry list of experiences & lessons. since you have been such a loyal subscriber, i figured it would only be right for me to share one of my most cherished jewels of the city thus far::::::::::::::::::::::free events!

now of course, it was totally up to me to venture out & take advantage of these free events. so when i recently lucked up on one of dc’s free “hidden” jewels i was stoked, to say the least. in fact every monday over the past month i have been missing out on the comcast sponsored shindig, screen on the green, a free outdoor movie screening on the national mall. just imagine blankets sprawled out across the mall lawn, corks being popped & wine being poured, jovial laughter, lighthearted conversations, clear summer sky & as soon as the dusk captures the summer night, silence falls across the sea of movie goers. bonnie & clyde was the featured movie this past monday, which couldnt have been more appropriate because i was accompanied by “my clyde”. but regardless if you venture out into the city with your clyde, or your bonnie, or a gang of friends, i dare you to take advantage of all the citys free events & enjoy each one for even more than what they are worth because there should clearly be a price tag attached to the free fun of dc!


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