my parents made every effort to keep my kid sister & i involved & out of trouble. actively participating in sports, summer camps, youth group at church & the list goes on & on & on. but i must say, the parental unit hit the nail on the head when they signed me up for tennis. picked up that tennis racket in middle school, & though i may have put it down momentarily throughout the years, i have always come back to it. not only have i mastered a mean backhand swing but i also accredit some valuable life lessons to my tennis mindset.

i think the game of tennis aligns with the game of life in more ways then one. like life, in the game of tennis you tend to win & play better when you have a strategic plan but you have to be flexible enough to move where the ball goes. it takes resilience & being quick on your feet to keep the ball in motion. im going to go ahead & stay light on my feet & hit with power each & every time.


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